Bill Beckley, 2006

Bill Beckley, 2006
Photo: R. Oudenhuysen

Bill Beckley, born February 11, 1946, Hamburg, Pennsylvania

Kutztown State University, Pennsylvania, B.F.A.
Tyler School of Art, Temple University, M.F.A.

Instructor, School of Visual Arts - 1970 to present
Lectures in: Semiotics, film and literature, the philosophy of beauty
Instructor, New York University Graduate School: 1986


Pollock-Krasner Grant, 1997
New York Council of the Arts, 1986
National Endowment of the Arts, 1979
New York Council of the Arts, 1976
New York Council of the Arts, 1973

Aesthetics Today

Editorial Director of Aesthetics Today (1995 to present) a series of books on contemporary issues in aesthetics, published by Allworth Press and The School of Visual Arts, New York City which includes the following books:

Lectures on Art by John Ruskin, 1997 Introduction by Bill Beckley: Teaching Art

Imaginary Portraits by John Ruskin, 1997, Introduction by Bill Beckley: Rocket Man

Uncontrollable Beauty, Toward a New Aesthetics, 1998 an anthology edited by Bill Beckley with David Shapiro, Introduction by Bill Beckley: "Generosity and the Black Swan"

The End of the Art World by Robert C. Morgan, 1998, Introduction by Bill Beckley:
The Beginning of the Art World

Sculpture in the Age of Doubt by Thomas McEvilley 1999 Introduction by
Bill Beckley: Doubting Thomas

Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, 1999,
introduction by Bill Beckley

Out of the Box by Carter Ratcliff, 2000, introduction by Bill Beckley

Redeeming Art by Donald Kuspit, 2000

The Dialectics of Decadence by Donald Kuspit

Sticky Sublime An anthology on the sublime, Edited by Bill Beckley, 2001

Writing About Visual Art by David Carrier, 2003

Sexed Universals by Penny Florence, 2003

The Death of Photography and Other Modern Fables on the Visual Arts,
Edited by Bill Beckley with Katherine Aguilar and Roberto Portillo, Published by
Delano Greenidge Editions and The School of Visual Arts, 2004

Lectures and Symposiums:
Symposium 'Uncontrollable Beauty' with Arthur Danto, Peter Schjeldahl, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, and Bill Beckley at the School of Visual Arts, New York, May 1998

Keynote speaker: Discussion on Art and Design Theory affiliated with the 1998 International Association of Art and Design Schools, General Assembly New York - (founded in the Bauhaus, Dessau) October, 1998

Symposium "Uncontrollable Beauty" with Wendy Steiner, Lillie Wei, and Bill Beckley, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, Nov. 1998

Lecture: On recent work, University of the Arts Napoli, Naples, Italy, May, 1998

Interview: On Recent Art with David Shapiro, MSG TV, New York, October 1998

Symposium: On Art and Language with Benjamin Buchloh, Martha Rossler, David Shapiro, and Bill Beckley, School of Visual Arts, 1984

Lecture: On recent work: Princeton University, 1982

Symposium: On Narrative Art, University of Calgary, Canada, with Mac Adams
and Jim Collins, 1979

Lecture: On Narrative Art: Royal College of Art: London 1973